Coorong Cats

Coming Together – Progressing Together – Succeeding Together

Courageous Together

uniting communities

Established in 2023, the Coorong Cats were formed as the result of a courageous decision by the communities of Coonalpyn, Meningie and Tintinara coming together to ensure that winter sport remained sustainable into the future.

Creating greater opportunities for participants and the community to progress and succeed, the Coorong Cats have established a clear understanding of what our purpose is / why we exist, how we will achieve our purpose and the core behaviours that will contribute to our journey together across all aspects of the Club.

Our Purpose: Coming Together-Progressing Together-Succeeding Together

We will achieve this through being: Courageous Together

Our core behaviours:

– Think Club First – Show up, stand up and be committed

Always be gracious and supportive – Be brave, honest and respectful

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Extreme Sports Mountain Climbing

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