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get in touch with the Coorong Cats

Coorong Cats

Leadership team

President – Michael Kempe

Treasurer – Jo Williams

Secretary – Felicity Turner

Public Officer – Andrew Johnson

Board Members: Ben Hooper, Laura O’Leary, Jason Schulz, Narelle Hincks, Adam Hurle, Jacqui Vandeleur, Henry Angas


Key Contact: Hayden Schilling
Bar co-ordinator: Damien Jacobs
Catering co-ordinator: Mel Schilling


Key Contact: Aaron Freeman 0428 875 600
Bar Co-ordinator: Tank Arthur
Catering co-ordinator: Wendy McCabe


Key contact: Brad Biddle 0421 369 607
Bar co-ordinator: Rob Lawson
Catering co-ordinator: For hire of facilities at the oval precinct please call Jo Williams on 0418 855 962 and she will assist in providing you with the correct contacts.